MD CVK-365 Mouth Spray (1oz)


Dual Action Immune Support and Viral Defense 


  • Free radical fighter*
  • Supports immune system*
  • Proven pathogen defense*


MD CVK-365 Mouth Spray contains clinically proven CVK-365 water and other natural ingredients to help support a healthy immune system.*


Harnessing the power of natural mineral oxides and patented nano-silver in clinically-tested ratios, providing an invaluable health tool included in this targeted dietary supplement.

MD CVK-365 Mouth Spray (1oz)

  • Spray five times in your mouth daily. When encountering people that are coughing or sick, take 1 or 2 additional sprays for extra support. Five sprays contains clinically proven CVK-365 and 50 mcgs of patented silver (60 PPM)